Online Marketing


The old days of conventional paper marketing solely with attractive television advertisements or print media such as brochures and leaflets have faded with the advent of the Internet and Social Media as an Integrated Online Marketing and sales platforms. Mostly businesses focus and drive their sales through different Online Marketing mediums rather wasting their hard earned funds in spending old paper media marketing techniques.

Integrated Online marketing has been given various names which are known as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Pay per Click (PPC) etc. All these mediums have one purpose of driving massive sales for your business online.

Businesses now days have unique needs that need a multi-tiered advanced and professional approach to increasing sales and building a solid customer base for long term business success and right return on investment. A uniform plan is no longer an ideal solution because the competition is only getting stiffer and more up to date with marketing advancements. Each part of an Integrated Online Marketing plan will help reach each business owner’s goals and Dotme Technologies would want to build one from the ground up for you.

Following are top 10 reasons why and how Internet Marketing is very important to the success of any business:
1. Online Branding

The primary reason for beginning an Internet Marketing campaign is to increase product and services awareness. As they are browsing the web or performing internet searches, consumers may come across the business name or logo and become interested in what the company has to offer, imagine search engines showing all the results of your competitor’s websites driving away all the possible leads and customers which could be yours.

2. Meet Changing Demands
Television, radio and print ads still have their places in the marketing industry, but with technology on the rise, and rising competition people do not have time to read papers and go through the brochures. Mostly brochures end up in garbage. In this advanced world of technology more and more consumers have access to the web. By beginning an Internet Marketing Campaign, businesses can keep up with this ever-changing technology. Print media cannot be changed once printed its all waste, where Online Marketing Campaigns using various online marketing methods such as Search Engine Marketing can be managed and modified as per customers/customers needs and demands.

3. Consumer Preferences
Online purchases have been increasing rapidly over the last several years. This is due in part to busy lifestyles and the convenience of getting information and ordering products via the Internet. Business owners can capitalize on this convenience by providing consumers what they want—instant access to products and information. With the vast competition of online stores successful stores are the one who keep their clients updated and are found on the internet through the search engines. To be the leader and bringing your website on higher raking in search engines right strategy of Integrated Online Marketing is a must.

4. Cost Efficiency
Internet Marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertisement. The costs associated with starting a website, and then, using SEO Methods, Online Marketing Articles or Social Media to establish an online presence is minimal when compared to the costs of traditional forms of advertising.

h5 class="orange">5. Increase Website Traffic The use of articles or Social Media as a marketing strategy will undoubtedly drive traffic to a business’s website. The more people who visit the website, the better the likelihood of closing more sales and generating more interest in the product becomes.

6. Increase Sales
By providing consumers with the opportunity to purchase products online rather than physically driving to a location or sending an order form by mail, impulse purchasing power increases. This results in more revenue for businesses and an excellent return on their investments (ROI).

7. Always Available to Consumers
Work schedules and certain lifestyles can have an impact on consumers’ abilities to physically go shopping during normal business hours. By using Internet Marketing techniques, businesses can give consumers a 24-hour outlet for finding the products they want and need.

8. Customized Offerings
Advertising online is a very effective way to provide customized offerings to a very targeted demographic. Internet Marketing strategies will usually call for advertisements to be placed in such a way that the target audience will see them and respond.

9. Maintain Communication
As part of any good Internet Marketing campaign, it is important to include landing pages on the website in which consumers can enter their email addresses to subscribe to newsletters. These newsletters keep consumers interested, even after they have purchased a product from the business. They also work to help close sales when consumers may be unsure of their next move.

10. Improve Credibility
Maintaining an online presence via Internet Marketing is a great way to keep up with the times and provide consumers with all of the opportunities they need 24 hours a day. With a bit of time and effort—and very little investment—business owners can realize success beyond their wildest dreams.