SEO Friendly Contents

Before moving to the magical tips, it is essential to know what an SEO friendly content is all about. It doesn’t involve some rocket science strategies rather, it is about producing something which catches the attention of search engine and, on the first place, your reader. It has been seen that SEO practitioner do not put much emphasis on their writing as much they put on their SEO strategies.  As a newbie, you will be expecting your blog to searchable and improve its ranking. Furthermore, you will also expect to have loyal readers in the long run.

All of this isn’t unconquerable but a bit difficult as there are 27 million articles are shared each day on internet. In order to achieve visibility, there are some useful tips that can really help. Few of these tips are as follow:

Write Engaging Content:
An engaging article is something that is relevant as well as entertaining. The core criteria of search engine is to appreciate content that is most relevant and can answer a visitor’s query.

Write Short And To The Point:
It’s a part of human nature that he cannot concentrate on something for long time. Hence, lengthy article can do more harm than good. Try to keep your article concise and compact. If your article is relevant enough that a reader can benefit from it within 10 minutes than you can get quick shares and natural links.

Spread your keywords wisely:
It is wise if one select his/her keywords even before start writing the content. Once you are sure about the keywords to be used, put them intelligently in title, meta-tag and body of the post.